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Best Type Of Carpet

posted by Double J Computerss @ 9:35pm, Wednesday 2 October 2019.

Over 45+ years of experience has taught us a few things and we will share with you.

  1. Best type of carpet

    1. Nylon is the best type of carpet because: it looks the nicest and wears the longest through foot traffic and dirt damage.
    2. Nylon also has an easier stain removal process than other carpets.
    3. Nylon does not crush and stay crushed when weight is put on it.
    4. Nylon does need to be cleaned at least 2 times a year depending on living situations.
  2. Worst type of carpet
    1. Olefin commercial grade / man-made in our opinion is the worst type of carpet
    2. Olefin will accept and soak up any type of oils and it will not release / clean easily. This can be any type of oil; skin oil, pet oil, motor oil, grease from kitchen, and any other oil substance. This type of carpet allows the oil to stay in the fiber and won't come out easily.
    3. Olefin will also crush with weight and you can't get it to return to previous shape.
  3. Worst type of stain
    1. Fruit juice or food dye or harsh cleaning chemicals like bleach are bad for most carpets.
    2. Some of these are hard to remove out of carpet and some can be removed if taken care of immediately.

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